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A (Condensed) History of Race

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An Actual Conversation on Anarchism

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I don’t really have too much to comment on this one, I feel it is pretty straight forward

I am a slacker

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At keeping up with the blog for the last month or so. But I keep pretty active on the twitter.

Selections from Kierkegaard

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I can resign everything by my own strength and find peace and rest in the pain; I can put up with everything – even that dreadful demon, more horrifying that the skeletal one who terrifies men, even if madness held its fool’s costume before my eyes and I understood from its face that it was I who should put it on – I can still save my soul as long as my concern that my love of God conquer within my is greater than my concern that I achieve earthly happiness. In his very last moment, a person can still concentrate his whole soul in one single look to heaven, from whence come all good gifts, and this look will be understood by himself and by him whom it seeks to mean that he has been true to his love. Then he will calmly put on the costume. He whose soul lacks this romanticism has sold his soul, whether he gets a kingdom or a wretched piece of silver for it.


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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy, including a whole weekend at a monastery – fantastic. Reading will keep me away for another week as well. Expect more then!

New Terms: The CAO and Bikeshedding

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I was struck dumbfounded by the newest acronym: CAO – Chief Answers Officer. It is more a de facto role, than a de jure role. The Company Culture enforces that this position exist. It exists because someone doesn’t want to do their job – so a mangler needs to make the decision for them. Traditionally CAO is a shared title. A mischievous Vision, like parents played off one another by their children, one can behold the twisted situations the title creates.

Another joyous office activity I now have a word for is Bikeshedding. It makes for a very fun and long meeting. It results in “thinking real hard” about how things ought to be. All the while everyone is in full admission we do not know – nor do we posses data that makes such knowing possible. The scapegoat phrase “It will take too long to find out” is quick to the altar! So we’ll just sit down, stroke our beards, and think harder. Wait, what exactly is the problem again?

I want to create a Subversive Meeting BingoTM game. It is an active game rather than the passive buzzword bingo you will find at the water cooler. You must verbally slide “Bikeshed”, “CAO”, “non-sequitur”, “ad infinitum”, or “Contradiction!” into the meeting. Only then can all the players mark the tile off.

Parkinson, I salute you! You are a real man of genius.

Warm and Fuzzy

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Through these cold winter months I am reminded that I am warm and fuzzy inside when I look at the toaster on my desk

My Toaster friend

Slow around here

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The social calendar is full, the work calendar is full, and there are papers to be written! I hope to return shortly.

For Your Time Machine

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A little bit

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There is a reason that Macleod’s Cube Grenades resonate with me. I don’t agree with every one of them. But I look at the world in much the same way. It does not make sense to me why, generally, people allow themselves to float. I used to float through life. I didn’t like who I was.

Life is different. As the lyrics go “pouring like an avalanche coming down a mountain”. A little part of me dies living any other way. Compromise and capitulation don’t have a place. A drive to experience all that life offers, and a drive to make a difference is what remains. The cube grenades remind me not to let anyone stop get in the way of that.