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The Signals of “Fine”

Posted: Monday Oct 8th | Author: JohnO | Filed under: Politics | View Comments

A friend mentioned to me that, his biggest worry about the Trump administration, is that “Everything seems fine”. And the “everything” he meant is that all the traditional sign-posts; the stock market, unemployment, GDP are “fine”. And, in my opinion, these are precisely what the elite and upper-middle class believe to be the signposts. It is absolutely not the signposts of everyone else who is suffering despite these green signal lights.

The stock market is going to continue rise, and then crash consolidating wealth by destroying value for tens of millions, and raking in untold millions for thousands. But all the arbiters and prophets on Wall St will continue to tell you everything is fine. The unemployment numbers are entirely cooked books, and have been that way for over ten years. But no one in the upper-class or elite cares. They just want their green signal light. The GDP isn’t a false number—its just irrelevant for the person making minimum wage with two jobs creating that profit for the owning classes.

It should give both myself, and him, pause. That we have very little connection to those actually suffering. Because we can certainly convince ourselves that everything is “fine enough”. We have a terrible president, and yet the world turns and everything is fine. There are millions who know its not fine. Every day. And if we imagine it is fine, we are deserving of their wrath when (not if) they raise up.

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