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Deserving and Entitled in Our Time

Posted: Monday Nov 22nd | Author: JohnO | Filed under: History, Philosophising | View Comments

I really am coming to a conclusion about why people act entitled and deserving of only good things. Of course, certain people have always had this point of view. In our time, however, it has become almost endemic especially of the younger generation.

I believe this is because of some of the things I had to read in undergrad, specifically the “end of history”/”end of war” (e.g. Fukuyama) material. The notion that all suffering and problems have ended with the advent of western democracy fueled by capitalism is a propaganda we have embraced and repeated. The practical cynicism of previous generations is gone. We are cynical about plenty of things – but that appears to just be the flotsam running on the surface. The undercurrent is a deep expectancy that if all the people could just stop doing the things we find cynical on the surface, it would all be perfect and the end of history would really be upon us. The practical cynicism of previous generations understood that the systems of the world were fundamentally incongruous, or worse broken, and only good will and effort could repair that.

Preaching to the choir this end of history message, in my opinion, radically changed the outlook of the choir. And a deep understanding of the structures of society was lost.

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