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HTML Forms

Posted: Tuesday Sep 21st | Author: JohnO | Filed under: Programming | View Comments

OK I must rant on this. With the rise of incredibly interactive pages HTML Forms are becoming a serious problem for. Maybe I am just doing it wrong, but the fact that forms must contain their inputs is starting to get to me. This becomes especially true when tools such as JQuery plugin AjaxForm is used to make life easier. Browsers mangle the POST data when you put a form inside a form. Meanwhile CSS layout is still heavily dependent on source order. It creates a maelstrom effect when you want a specific look, some data is interactive, and some is ultimately POST’ed normally.


<form name="formname"></form>
<input type="..." belongs="formname">

And the browser treats it as if it was contained normally. Because forms are rarely ever necessary to be containers. They are rarely styled. They are purely interactive. Thoughts? Anyone?

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