an obession with first principles

Why Fascinating?

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I am sure that some people are wondering what the hell I am talking about on here, why I am talking about it and why it matters at all. Time for me to fess up then.

Ideas are Always Applicable

I write here about theology, philosophy, and biblical scholarship. But all of that content relates to your every day life. “Philosophy” is the one study that every living person does daily. It is the process of figuring out what the hell is going on. So when you don’t have a clue, feel a part of the group – that is what we’re here to do. When you are relating to your significant other, friends, employers, you are taking a part in this complex mix of intuition, meaning, and value.

Learn How To Think

Everything I post here I want you to learn something from. Learn how to think better. Learn the patterns that pop up across history. Learn how to think speculatively, that is, all of the possibilities beyond “critical” thinking could ever open to you. Get in touch with how we got here. Only by knowing how we got to think point can you possibly begin to know what is going on in the world – and what is happening to you. As I wrote before:

In my view Theology is the study of life according to a story. To keep theology in the academy is to be reflective on that life lived. To have others ask why, and to ask others why. To remain open and connected to others is incredibly important – otherwise stagnation and further fragmentation occurs. The realization that we all live according to some belief and story (that is inherently unproven and presumed) is massive

This is why I write what I write. In theology, the fight between faith and science, and religion in society I see the best (and worst) exemplars of how to think about life and the world. I truly believe that if more people (people of faith included!) read philosophy and theology and thought deeply past the modernism, objectivism, and naturalism born of “the enlightenment” which begot nihilism, that we would finally be able to see one another as ourselves, and treat the world humanely.