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Technology Woes

Posted: Thursday Jun 17th | Author: JohnO | Filed under: Programming | View Comments

I have to get this rant out. Explosion is imminent. First the lesser offender: Ticket: 13265. I absolutely love how Django rolled in their transaction support. Through the middleware setting, and the decorator. I think it is absolutely perfect from a design standpoint. I, however, lost a lot of hair today over its implementation. It hides perfectly good (read: the bad one you actually want) exceptions from you. I had no idea why it was failing. Turns out, of course, it is still my fault. But don’t hide it from me guys. Show me the error of my ways through the correct stack trace!

Update: Ticket: 6623 is out there (mine is a dupe). You can see no one has touched thing in over a year. It was originally slated for release 1.0. We’re on 1.2. I don’t want to tell you how this makes me feel.

This one is far, far worse. That means it has to do with IE (7 and 8, why bother checking 6. Honestly). And javascript. And form elements. Let yourself be warned. If you ever, at any time, try to manipulate the “checked” status of a radio button or checkbox and that node is not attached to the DOM at any point in its animated and exciting life that “checked” status you so desperately needed falls away into the ether. Thank you IE. Once again, thank you.

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