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Be Wrong

Posted: Monday Jun 21st | Author: JohnO | Filed under: Leadership | View Comments

I want to be successful. We all want to be successful. We have to be wrong. Take this on for size:

I had this experience a couple of years ago where I got to sit in on the editorial meeting at the Onion. Every Monday they have to come up with like 17 or 18 headlines, and to do that, they generate 600 headlines per week. I feel like that’s why it’s good: because they are willing to be wrong 583 times to be right 17.
Ira Glass

The Onion is a hands down success. Everyone recognizes their brilliance. They are wrong 583 times per week. And they know it. They relish in it. Being means they can be right. I have to remember that being wrong is part of being successful. If you are never wrong – how do you know you are right?

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